"Is That Jimquisition?"

"You’re Jim Sterling from the Escapist" is still a very weird thing for me to be told, as I’ve spent so long being so closely associated with Destructoid, and still 100% consider myself intrinsically linked to the Red & Green. Destructoid’s my livelihood, and in many ways my purpose. It certainly became my calling.

That said, it blows me away how well known the Jimquisition is getting, to where I can be talking to an industry person about reviews for Dtoid itself, and have them lose their shit when they find out I’m the “Jimquisition guy.” It also still amuses me no-end that, following my cameo on Jonathan Holmes’ Teenage Pokemon cartoon, half the comments were, “Is that Jimquisition playing Ditto?”

It should be noted that, like everything else in my career, Jimquisition owes a major debt to Destructoid. The personality for the show evolved during E3 2010, when I’d just gotten back from Microsoft’s despicable Cirque du Soleil Kinect reveal. Dehydrated, furious, and feeling like I’d been exploited to take part in a gigantic advertisement, I let loose on camera in an interview with then-Dtoid video guy Rey Gutierrez. Wearing aviator shades (which I’d begun wearing on-camera as a kind of crutch for potential nerves), I let loose in a way that got a lot of people talking during the rest of the event. It proved popular enough that I tried it as a weekly show — just me in the kitchen, stood in front of a camera and rambling script-less on whatever I felt annoyed about. 

After a while, I decided to try and branch out and ended up talking to Russ Pitts at the Escapist, who I was sure hated me. I told him I was sure he hated me but I’d like to see if he’s interested in my video content anyway. He said he probably did, but admired the balls, and eventually the show was picked up. Just celebrated 100 main episodes of the show since then, and am hoping to show continues the slow but steady growth it’s enjoyed so far. 

It’s my hope that its growth also benefits Destructoid as well as The Escapist. I always want for Niero and his team to enjoy a share of my success, because any success I have can always be traced back there. It’s why I’ve stuck by the site through its ups and downs, why I’ve turned down some damn tempting offers in the past, and why anybody who wants to contract my services has to understand I’m a package deal, and my services, while available, can never be exclusive in totality. 

I owe Dtoid and Escapist a lot, as well as everybody who’s been so nice enough to continue enjoying my work. Viva la You All. 

Rubbish I Did This Week

Not really done any personal blogging this week as it was quite a busy period, what with most of the Destructoid staff at GDC. Seems like it was quite an event this year. I might go next time, if I can get the time to travel. 

Anyway, I did some bullshit on the Internet, as per usual. 

By far the most extensive work I did involved my extensive coverage of Blades of Time. All the posts are tagged, so you can read them right here. This is an action game, a spiritual successor to the unremarkable X-Blades. From those who have played it, it’s actually not a bad game, which makes Konami’s silence all the more confusing. As you’ll see from my posts, Konami completely screwed this game up. Barely any marketing, retailers confused over release dates, and the producer not even being able to find the thing in stores. 

I’m having fun with the coverage, trying to highlight Konami’s behavior in a satirical way, but I am genuinely disappointed in the company. It has gone off the deep end with several of its games lately, and to the outside observer, Konami looks like it doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore. It’s exasperating to see, as someone who counts himself as a diehard fan of several Konami franchises. 

I’ve thus far been unable to find a copy to purchase, and Konami has not responded to a review copy request. Yeah … fucking ridiculous. 

This week’s Jimquisition was a more serious followup to my previous episode on gay romance options in Mass Effect 3. Erotic fanfiction was deemed too subtle for some viewers, so I put all my gay cards on the gay table this time. I think the message was received. 

I continued my Mass Effect 3 observations on GameFront, with an examination of the insane nerd rage that accompanied BioWare’s latest release. This accompanied a post on Destructoid, where I looked at the Metacritic user review backlash. 

Also, we put out perhaps my favorite Podtoid in a long, long time. On this past week’s episode, I planned Jonathan Holmes’ funeral and we talked about running our very own hibachi restaurant. I think the show’s kept up the pace quite nicely, despite the sad loss of Max as co-host. Should be even more interesting once we get some guests on (currently chatting with Irrational about a Ken Levine appearance!)

That was the most notable junk I did, though of course keep reading Dtoid and GameFront for further garbage from me. 

Questionable Religious Content

Here’s that blog piece I wrote on GameFront that went up after I did my roundup. I’m quite proud of it so I’m giving it its own extra little plug. 

Questionable Religious Content

It’s about Nintendo refusing to allow Binding of Isaac on its 3DS eShop, and the wider issue of religion in videogames. 

Rubbish I Did This Week

For the past two weeks I’ve been trying to alter how I work a little bit, especially at Destructoid. I’ve made an effort to write less daily news posts, and do more original work. No hard-hitting journalism (pfft), but interesting observations, things to get people talking, and that sort of shit. I’ve been trying to see opportunities for articles that people wouldn’t ordinarily think of, and I feel it’s been paying off. 

This week, I’ve written about a few diverse subjects. The big one was that whole fighting game community sexual harassment deal. It’s interesting how many FGC members saw it as an attack, which it certainly wasn’t supposed to be. I still maintain that I was impressed by how many FGC members stood up and said, “This behavior isn’t what we’re into.” Still, there were many others trying to push the stereotype that the FGC is into that, which was quite sad. In any case, interesting discussions were had, I think.

Although many people challenged me to write more about the FGC, the amount of people who quite venomously don’t want any mainstream coverage puts me quite off. 

I had more fun writing about Blades of Time, a game that’s releasing next week and that Konami has almost entirely refused to promote. When you find out some of the game’s details, and just how little the title’s been acknowledged, it’s quite amazing. Speaking of which, I also responded to the astounding level of backlash Konami’s getting for Silent Hill: Book of Memories. People are viciously dogpiling on that, and I can’t say I’m totally shocked. It’s a weird departure for the series, though I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a good game. Finally, I poked fun at myself and fellow reviewers for using the word “experience” way too much when writing. 

That’s an example of the kind of thing I want to start bringing more of to Destructoid. Not news posts, and not exactly features. Just interesting things I’ve noticed, be they humorous or serious. It’s certainly been rewarding bringing more individual content to the site. 

That’s not all I did at Dtoid this week. Reviews went up for Binary Domain and Journey. Liked ‘em both! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a “review controversy,” and I am rather enjoying the respite. Even my negative reviews lately have only had one or two lunatics throwing around accusations. I wonder how long the calm will last. 

Oh, and then there’s Podtoid, of course. 

I won’t go through everything I did for GameFront, as there’s a lot, but I did a nice thing about Facebook gaming this week. I have a really passionate article prepared but it’s not been published yet. Hoping it goes up today. 

Let’s round things out with this week’s Jimquisition, which proved to be quite the tongue-wagger. It was a simple reading of the Mass Effect 3 erotic fan fiction I wrote, parodying the drama over gay romance options in the game. I didn’t quite expect discussion to explode so readily, and I didn’t expect to be so shocked by some of the responses. The next Jimquisition will continue the discussion, and it’s going to be quite spirited. 

So that’ll be fun!

New Things And Stuff

This week I started a new job. Kind of, anyway. I haven’t lost my old one and I’m really just extending things I’ve already been doing for the past year, but it definitely feels like I’ve doubled my workload, so I shall crack on that I’ve started a new job. 

I’ll be contributing to GameFront on a daily basis now, as some readers might have begun to notice. Once per weekday, I’ll be posting a single PC-related post, tossing up anything interesting that tickles my fancy. I’ll also be posting my usual [/RANT] column on a Wednesday, as well as a PC-themed RANT.EXE on Thursday. On Friday, I’ll be posting an article about my adventures with a particular title from Good Old Games’ catalog of titles. 

This in no way will affect my existing work at Destructoid, where I’ll still be posting my usual selection of punditry, reviews, and original nonsense. I have been asked before to quit my job at Destructoid and go work for people on an exclusive basis, but that has simply never been a deal with me. If anybody wants my services, they need to understand that Destructoid is my first concern, and anything else I do has to fit around it. GameFront was very understanding of that, and I am not producing anything for Break Media that I’d produce for Destructoid. Two different outlets, two different focuses, two different types of content. 

GameFront is aiming to become a more dedicated PC-based outlet and the guys in charge have a strong idea of what it wants to be. As a guy who has been doing this job for quite some time, I relish the opportunity to help build up another brand into something competitive. Destructoid’s grown and grown into something uniquely powerful, and I am proud as pigfuckery to be associated with it. I’m interested to see if GameFront can do the same. In any case, if you happen to enjoy my work, I’d suggest you add the site to your usual visiting rounds, just to see a little bit more of my useless shite. Sorry … I mean, “unique insight.”

I enjoy being busy and I enjoy being able to work and provide for my family while doing something I love. I’m very grateful for it, and to everybody who reads my stuff, watches my videos, and allows me to continue. So thanks for that!

Rubbish I Did This Week

Another week has passed and I’ve spilled more sticky garbage onto the Internet. Here’s the most notable stuff I did this week. 

I kicked off Monday with a Jimquisition about the digital age. I used to fear an era of digital videogame distribution, but now I relish the idea of such a time. I think major publishers won’t find it’s the all-your-can-eat buffet they believe it to be. 

Over on GameFront, I continued the digital sentiment by telling you why Double Fine’s Kickstarter success is so exciting, even if you’re cynical about Kickstarter’s potential influence. There’s a lot more at play than just Kickstarter, and we need to look at the bigger picture. 

This week, Destructoid went apeshit with PS Vita coverage, and I spunked up quite a few reviews alongside editor-in-chief Dale North. A compilation post contains handy links to all our reviews. There are even more reviews coming, so be excited for that! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get a great Vita game, as I seem to have drawn the short straw and gotten most of the shit ones. Such is the life of a reviewer of the videogames!

You can also check out ten whining little nitpicks concerning the Vita. I really like the system, but nothing is perfect. 

Still with Dtoid, I did a couple of mini features/rants this week. First up, I spoke about this obsession gamers have with replay value and length. I then took Ubisoft to task for trying to swindle PS Vita users. All this was before I exposed ALL Sony fans as scumbags, with scientific evidence. 

Finally, there was not one, but TWO Podtoids this week. The first was a romantic episode with Jonathan Holmes. The second was a special bonus episode in which I chatted to David Jaffe about the used game market. It’s a pretty awesome little debate, and well worth hearing for anyone who cares about game consumer issues. 

That’s all the interesting stuff I did. Hooray!